It's not business as usual.
It’s time to take action.


You can be the catalytic spark.
Watch the video and sign up for the Year of Action.

What is Commission the City?

We are a movement of everyday believers taking responsibility for the needs in our community and meeting them with the love of Jesus.

the problems are obvious.

Racism. Teenage suicide. Rape. Pornography addiction. Drugs. Domestic abuse. Human trafficking. The list going on.

We are surrounded by people who have never experienced the power of the Gospel. And our communities are full of broken people.

The solution has always been simple.

When we take responsibility for our communities, seek God for solutions, real needs get met with the love of Jesus and lives begin to change.

We are the solution. We are God's answer to our community's need.


Identify a need around you.


Ask God to speak about the solution.


Take a simple step of obedience.

Stories about
taking action.

revival history course

The minority can shape history.

***Our FREE online revival history course will show you the power a faith filled, praying and action oriented community can have. Sign up here.

this is the commission movement

1. We commit to pray with faith for God to transform our communities.

2. We commit to boldly sharing the Gospel with our neighbors.

3. We commit to meet real needs with the love of Jesus.

Commission online:

1. 4 weeks of practical training from leaders who are living their messages. (4 hour commitment/week).

2. Weekly group calls and mentorship with our staff.

3. Q&A sessions with people transforming their community.

4. A personal action plan to identify your mission field.

5. Learn how to hear God's voice and run after the word of the Lord.

is it worth it?

“The Lord very clearly told my wife that, “there are children in your city that I have called to be yours"....We have 2 children of our own, but the Lord told us that it is time for us to start welcoming the broken and unloved children of our city into our home. My wife and I are now starting the process of becoming foster parents in hopes of helping see families brought to wholeness and to hopefully adopt as well....Our lives are legitimately forever changed!"

— Oklahoma City
Commission The City is a movement empowered by YWAM Kona and funded by donations from participants like you.